Russian Helicopter ‘Dusts Away’ Trump Forces Convoy Northeast Syria

Friends of Syria

by Arabi Souri
Russian helicopter dusts away Trump forces convoy northeast of Syria

A Russian helicopter was called in to assist in pushing away a convoy of Trump forces in Al Malikiyeh, northeast Syria, four of Trump forces were injured.

According to unnamed Pentagon sources, at least four Trump troops were injured in the ‘skirmish,’ the claims were regurgitated by Trump’s White House.

A video captured by a Russian military police officer on a Russian armored vehicle shows a Russian helicopter coming to the scene where the heavily armed oil thieves convoy was stopped by the Russian military police. The helicopter flew very low over the Trump forces blowing sand and dust on the oil thieves which forced them to flee the site:

Russian helicopter herding away Trump forces convoy northeast of Syria.

Such confrontations usually end up with road rage maneuvers that would be talked over phone calls between officers of the Russian military and officers of the Trump…

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Climate fueled Hurricanes suspend Frack Gas exports of US Climate Criminals, cause toxic chemical fire

The Free

US liquefied natural gas giant Cheniere Energy has evacuated and temporarily suspended operations at its Sabine Pass LNG project in Louisiana as Hurricane Laura approaches the US Gulf Coast.

The facility, where five enormous ‘production trains’ are operational and a sixth is under construction, is located in Louisiana’s Cameron Parish, in the weaker side of the storm.

Cheniere Shuts Sabine Pass LNG Plant Ahead of Hurricane Laura

Sabine Pass, which was in the path of Laura, was built on the cheap by converting an Import LNG plant to Export. But the giant tanks immediately sprung dangerous leaks, from 14 points around the base of a second LNG storage tank (Energywire, Feb. 12 2018) and was finally ordered by PHMSA to close two of the enormous tanks.

Cherniere claimed there was ”no danger to the public”, ie. that only the 500 workers would get blown to pieces if the liquid cryogenic gas got to the sea at the right…

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Gig Economy Paving the Road to Serfdom

The Most Revolutionary Act

Why Courts Across the World Are Ruling That the Gig Economy Is Paving the Road to Serfdom
By Marshall Auerbach

This article was produced by Economy for All, a project of the Independent Media Institute

The tech industry buzzword “gig” has distracted society from important questions about the gig economy that are surprisingly traditional: whether a business has employees or contractors, and how it can avoid payroll taxes and legal liability. Countless Silicon Valley business models have been built under the guise of gigs, Uber and Lyft two of the best known cases, which is ironic considering that for all of their high-tech pretensions, at the core both are taxi and food delivery services. But with state governments like California facing increasing revenue shortfalls and an estimated 57 million gig workers in the United States noting a lack of employer protections and fair wages, the matter has shifted…

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