How MI6 and CIA Recruited Army Generals and Bribed Politicians in Run-Up to 1953 Coup in Iran

The Muslim Times

by Chris Summers

In the 1950s Iran was one of the world’s biggest oil producers and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company – which later became BP – owned the concession to drill oil there. So when Iran threatened to nationalise it Britain and the US took covert action.

An account by one of MI6’s top spies in the Middle East has revealed how Britain conspired with the United States to bring down the Iranian prime minister, Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953.

After a military coup Mossadeq was put on trial and remained under house arrest until his death 14 years later.

Norman Darbyshire gave an off-the-record interview for a 1985 TV documentary but he refused to be identified or go on camera so the clip was not used in the programme. But a transcript was published on Monday, 17 August, by the National Security Archive at George Washington University…

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Enough with Catcalling: Fighting Sexual Assault in Brail

The Most Revolutionary Act

Enough with Catcalling: Fighting Sexual Assault in Brazil

Directed by Amanda Kamacheck and Fernanda Frazo (2018)

Film Review

This documentary concerns a female-led campaign to reduce sexual assault levels in Brazil, including verbal aggression commonly known as catcalling.* Brazil, where a woman is raped every 11 minutes, is fifth highest in the world for its rate of femicide. Eighty-one percent of Brazilian women report being emotionally distressed by catcalling. Forty-four percent complain of touched without their permission.

In contrast one-third of Brazilian men blame rape victims for being raped. Twenty-six percent agree that women who reveal too much of their bodies deserve to be raped. As for catcalling, a majority feel it’s okay – because it doesn’t invade women’s space and “women should accept it as a compliment.”

In Brazil, men are raised to believe they have the right to control women’s bodies and comment on them. The filmmakers interview…

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Don’t Forget Trump’s Deal with the CIA on the JFK Records

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Jacob G. Hornberger | FFF | August 17, 2020

In April 2018, President Trump issued an order to the National Archives to continue keeping thousands of CIA records relating to the John Kennedy assassination secret from the American people. The new deadline, which could be extended again by either Trump or a President Biden, was set for October 2021.

Since the order was issued early in the Trump regime, no doubt he felt confident that there would be no adverse political consequences flowing from his order. But now that Trump is engaged in a heated race with Joe Biden, he ought to be called upon to explain and justify his order for continued secrecy in an assassination that took place almost six decades ago.

Given the official narrative of the Kennedy assassination, the massive secrecy in which the Pentagon and the CIA engaged after the assassination has never made…

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Zillionaire Americans Build End-Times Boltholes in NZ

The Most Revolutionary Act

A property near Queenstown, New Zealand, designed by Mason & Wales Architects.

‘How New Zealand became an apocalypse escape destination for Americans’, July 16, 2020,

“In Queenstown — a picturesque ski spot that often attracts comparisons to Aspen, Colorado — rumors about foreigners investing in apocalypse-proof bunkers have been swirling for years.

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