show trial of Julian Assange

To whom this may concern...

The Assange Hearing Day 13 – by Craig John Murray

The detail given by Mr. Murray is astounding and outstanding. Throughout I have found myself shaking my head in disbelief that this farce actually continues. It is hard to imagine how anyone, especially Julian Assange, is sitting through this absolute absurdity… how can he not want to leap out of his chair and throttle this lot?! It was painful to read…

Friday gave us the most emotionally charged moments yet at the Assange hearing, showed that strange and sharp twists in the story are still arriving at the Old Bailey, and brought into sharp focus some questions about the handling and validity of evidence, which I will address in comment.


The first witness of the day was Nicky Hager, the veteran New Zealand investigative journalist. Hager’s co-authored book “Hit and Run” detailed a disastrous New Zealand SAS raid…

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