At current predicted rates of sea level rise, all of the Maldives’ around 200 islands could be submerged by 2100

The Muslim Times

  • Source: BBC
  • By Norman Miller

Scattered across the Arabian Sea, south-west of Sri Lanka and India, the Maldives present the face of a dreamy, tropical idyll to travellers from all over the world, who fly in to savour picture-perfect coral atolls fringed with white sand, luxurious resorts and world-class water sport.

Maldives. Suggested reading by the Muslim Times: Focus on Islam, Christianity and Environment

We are one of the most vulnerable countries on Earth

But perhaps no other nation faces an environmental threat quite like the Maldives. Its luxury beach resorts may be world-famous, but with more than 80% of its scattered 1,200 islands less than 1m above sea level,rising oceans threaten its very existence.

“We are one of the most vulnerable countries on Earth and therefore need to adapt,” said the country’s vice president Mohammed Waheed Hassan in a 2010 World Bank report that warned how, at current…

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China Injects Hundreds of Thousands With Experimental Covid-19 Vaccines

The Muslim Times

The great wall of China. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles for the war against Covid 19, especially the vaccines.

Source: WSJ

By Chao Deng

A Chinese pharmaceutical company has injected hundreds of thousands of people with experimental Covid-19 vaccines, as its Western counterpartswarn against administering mass vaccinationsbefore rigorous scientific studies are complete.

China National Biotec Group Co., a subsidiary of state-owned Sinopharm , has given two experimental vaccine candidates to hundreds of thousands of people under an emergency-use condition approved by Beijing in July, the company said this week. Separately, Chinese drugmaker Sinovac Biotech Ltd. said it has inoculated around 3,000 of its employees and their family members, including the firm’s chief executive, with its experimental coronavirus vaccine.

The three vaccine candidates are still undergoing Phase 3 clinical trials, which involve testing a vaccine’s safety and effectiveness on thousands of people. Six…

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AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Resume in U.K.

The Muslim Times

Astra Zenaca is working with Oxford University for Covid 19 vaccine. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles forthe war against Covid 19, especially thevaccines.

Source: WSJ

AstraZenecaAZN1.24%PLC said Saturday clinical trials for its experimental coronavirus vaccine have resumed in the U.K. after regulators concluded it was safe to do so, followinga pause in studies globallyafter a person who received the vaccine hadan unexplained illness.

Trials in other countries, including the U.S., remain paused while AstraZeneca works with national health authorities, the company said.

AstraZeneca said Tuesday it paused trials globally of a vaccine it licensed from the University of Oxford after a vaccinated woman in the U.K. experienced the unexplained illness, which a U.S. official described as a spinal cord problem.

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The best of the Muslim Times’ collection for war against Covid 19:

In this…

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Here’s a list of disinfectants you can use against coronavirus

The Muslim Times

coronaFor daily new cases go to.  The Muslim Times has the best collection for important health news

By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

CNN The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is arming consumers with a list of disinfectants that people can use to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus.

The federal agency released a five-page list of chemicals and products Thursday that it says are strong enough to ward off “harder-to-kill” viruses than SARS-CoV-2, the virus that’s responsible for the disease.
“Using the correct disinfectant is an important part of preventing and reducing the spread of illnesses along with other critical aspects such as hand washing,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement.
“There is no higher priority for the Trump Administration than protecting the health and safety of Americans. EPA is providing this important information in a public and transparent manner on disinfectant products to help reduce the…

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France: ‘Yellow Vests’ Resume Protests Against Pension Reform

The Most Revolutionary Act

A demonstrator wearing a yellow vest holds a French flag during a demonstration in Paris, France, January 24, 2020.

A demonstrator wearing a yellow vest holds a French flag during a demonstration in Paris, France, January 24, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @cppluxury

The ‘Yellow Vests’ Saturday took to the streets after a summer break to continue protesting against Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform plans.

Almost two years after their first mobilizations, the Yellow Vests marched through Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Nice, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg.

In Paris, security forces used tear gas to stop the demonstration. At least 200 protesters have been arrested so far, mainly in the area of the Champs-Elysées.

According to Paris’ Public Prosecutor’s Office, 54 people are still under arrest. Police have seized knives, masks, and a bow during their confrontation with the protesters.

Left-wing opposition leader Jean-Luc Melenchon congratulated the yellow vests for the mobilization.

“Bravo for the insubordinate present in the demonstration of the yellow vests,” Melenchon tweeted as he appealed for calm.

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Global population slowdown – good news for the planet’s ecology


The best news of 2020? Humanity may never hit the 10 billion mark

MongaBay by Jeremy Hance on 10 September 2020 
  • A new study in the Lancet finds our global population may never reach 10 billion.
  • A population slowdown will pose challenges, but it could also give us a better chance of avoiding ecological collapse.
  • Population slowdown is not a reason for concern, but rather for celebration. Thank birth control and women’s education.

While watching 2020 unfold has been like watching someone set themself on fire with a bucket of bacon grease and a firecracker, one morning I stumbled on something that made me smile, and then jump for joy: A new study found that the global human population might peak at just under 10 billion people in the 2060s before tapering off to 8.8 billion by 2100.

What miracle could achieve such a slowdown in human reproduction after a…

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Big Oil is cheating the public on “recycling” of plastic


These commercials carried a distinct message: Plastic is special, and the consumer should recycle it.

It may have sounded like an environmentalist’s message, but the ads were paid for by the plastics industry, made up of companies like Exxon, Chevron, Dow, DuPont and their lobbying and trade organizations in Washington.

The oil industry makes more than $400 billion a year making plastic, and as demand for oil for cars and trucks declines, the industry is telling shareholders that future profits will increasinglycome from plastic.

an industry that didn’t want recycling to work. Because if the job is to sell as much oil as you possibly can, any amount of recycled plastic is competition.

Analysts now expect plastic production to triple by 2050.

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled, NPR, LAURA SULLIVAN,– 11 Sept 20 Laura Leebrick, a manager at Rogue Disposal & Recycling…

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Trump’s Drilling Ban Bombshell Rocks Oil Industry

The Most Revolutionary Act

U.S. President Donald Trump shocked the oil industry today with a surprise announcement that he would extend the existing moratorium on oil drilling on parts of Florida’s, South Carolina’s, and Georgia’s coast, according to Politico.

The announcement was a complete surprise, according to Politico, even to congressional aides, lobbyists, and industry officials who have been working on this very issue.

The announcement is a complete shift from the White House’s previous stance, which sought to open up those areas to oil drilling, although most had expected the President to wait until after the election.

President Trump had declared his intention to open up those areas to drilling years ago, but Florida’s Governor Rick Scott at the time—a Republican—was a staunch opponent of the plan, citing his state’s strong tourism industry.

Rick Scott now serves as a Senator. Florida Senator…

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