Oregon: Activist Groups Distribute Supplies to Families Displaced by Wildfires

The Most Revolutionary Act

‘A huge difference’: Volunteers mobilise in Oregon fire aftermath

By Shane Burley
Al Jazeera

Portland, United States – Hunter Bombadier has spent the better part of the past year protesting for an end to police violence and anti-Black racism – and supporting communities hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is how the 33-year-old member of Symbiosis, a network of left-wing organisations across the United States, was ready to help when massive wildfires broke out south of Portland, Oregon, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.

“We were able to use the programming and infrastructure we already had,” Bombadier told Al Jazeera in a recent phone interview.

The group had a system in place to provide needed supplies to communities affected by COVID-19, Bombadier explained, and had created relationships with other activist organisations to coordinate their efforts.

The groups use multiple supply drop-off sites throughout the state…

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Assange: Explosive Testimonies Undermine US Indictment and Provide Grounds for Dismissal

The Most Revolutionary Act

Week three of the hearings at the Old Bailey for Julian Assange‘s extradition to the US heard testimony from a computer security expert that may prove to be critical. That testimony could be used to undermine the first indictment raised against the WikiLeaks founder and therefore weaken the entire case.

Other testimonies may form the basis by which the US extradition request could be dismissed.

No Assange-Manning conspiracy

Computer forensic expert Patrick Eller was formerly lead digital forensics examiner with the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Command in Virginia. On Friday 25 September, his written statement to the court and live testimony covered a number of crucial aspects relating to the first indictment of alleged computer misuse raised against Assange.

The indictment claims that Assange assisted former US Army intelligence analyst and whistleblower Chelsea Manning to crack a password so she could anonymously access sensitive computer files. But Eller’s testimony…

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Philadelphia Housing Activists Claim Victory After Six Month Direct Action Campaign

The Most Revolutionary Act

Photo: Hughe Dylan/Philly Voice

Philadelphia Housing Action claims victory after 6 month direct action campaign forces City to relinquish 50 vacant homes to community land trust.

In largest self-organized housing takeover in the country, 50 homeless mothers and children to remain in 15 vacant city-owned homes, homeless protest encampments to take additional houses.

On Friday, September 25, Philadelphia Housing Action and the City of Philadelphia reached a tentative agreement to resolve a months long standoff over the fate of two homeless protest encampments and 15 vacant city-owned homes occupied by mothers and children. The unprecedented agreement to give homeless activists 50 vacant, viable homes comes after many months of housing takeovers, protest encampments, eviction defense of the houses, barricaded and blockaded streets and mass mobilizations to defend the encampments.

“It’s a good start but it’s also not enough,” said Black and Brown Workers Cooperative organizer Sterling Johnson.  “There was already…

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Vendana Shiva: Fighting Climate Change Requires a Paradigm Shift

The Most Revolutionary Act

Inner Climate Change Documentary

Climate Change and Consciousness (2020)

Film Review

This documentary is a video record of the remarkable Climate Change and Consciousness conference that took place in Findhorn Scotland in April last year. Along with other communities, Taranaki climate activists have formed a local hub to carry on the work started at Findhorn. See https://www.facebook.com/groups/2319312678282465/

The purpose of the conference was to explore the changes in consciousness that must occur to win public support for the drastic changes that are needed. The film presents a range of viewpoints and approaches to the topic.

My favorite presenter was Indian environmentalist Vendana Shiva, who stressed the following points:

  • We’ve all be raised to view the world as a mechanical object and ourselves as cogs in that machine – this must change – we must start to see ourselves as partners with nature rather than nature’s master.
  • We must fully appreciate…

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