Assange’s Fourth Day at the Old Bailey: COVID in the Courtroom

To whom this may concern...

by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

it is extraordinary in the present day and age we are witnessing this tragedy, that a silence from all media is deafening, and how the beacons of “freedom of the press” are shown as liars and hypocrites

It all had the appropriate Orwellian shades and show trial trimmings. The US prosecution team had gone remote; Assange’s legal team was physically present and masked. Technology again did its bedevilling magic at the Central Criminal Court. At one point, Joel Smith for the prosecution was attempting to get the attention ofJudge Vanessa Baraitserto inform her that nothing could be heard in the court room. The screen of chief prosecutor Lewis had also frozen.

Unlike the previous three days of these extradition proceedings, the central contentions were not Assange the public interest journalist, the discloser of informant names, or President Donald J. Trump’s war on the Fourth…

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