Why We Need to Look to Indigenous Communities

The Most Revolutionary Act

Guest post by Tuhi-Ao Bailey

In 2004 I was privileged to travel overseas as a small back-packing, hitch-hiking, dumpster-diving doco-making group, with whanau and friends back home and overseas guiding and supporting us. We crossed 33 countries on 5 continents looking at the best, the worst and the most inspiring of humanity at the time. We were after paths forwards out of the mess ‘humanity’ has created.

In the north of Thailand we interviewed a friend’s uncle, philosopher Mr Wangwinyoo. He spoke about how old philosophers in searching for the meaning of life came to a point of splitting the atom. While that lead to terrible nuclear bombs and energy, another discovery was also made that I don’t think is well known. They realised that while there is physical matter which make up the building blocks of life, it only exists within relationship. The relationship between electrons, neutrons and protons…

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