When the Police Knock on Your Door: Your Rights

The Most Revolutionary Act

When the Police Knock on Your Door

Your Rights and Options: A Legal Guide and Poster

In cooperation with legal counsel, our comrades have prepared a poster explaining how to handle visits from law enforcement. This includes any agent from any law enforcement agency, regardless of whether they are local, state, or federal, including the FBI, ATF, and ICE when they are working as law enforcement, uniformed or not. Consider putting a copy of this poster by the doors of your residence and familiarizing yourself with the information. These days, no matter who you are or what you’re doing, you never know when you might receive an unwelcome visit.

Click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Say “No, you cannot come in. I do not consent to a search.”

Keep the outer gate or door chain locked. If you must, step outside and close the door behind you. Better yet…

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Susan Rice, Scourge of Africa, Eyed for Secretary of State

The Most Revolutionary Act

Susan Rice, Scourge of Africa, May Become Secretary of StateSusan Rice, Scourge of Africa, May Become Secretary of State

Ann Garrison
Black Agenda Report

Rice has been intimately involved in covering up the deaths of more than six million Congolese, and has cultivated close relations with every US-backed tyrant on the continent.

That’s the kind of ruthless, bloodthirsty, lying, hypocrite she is.”

At this point it seems six of one, half-a-dozen of the other as to who’ll be president come 2021. The election hasn’t been certified yet. Trump has sued to keep Pennsylvania from certifying their results, and there will be recounts in Georgia and probably at least one other state. If Biden drops below the 270 electors required to win, or this isn’t settled by December 8, the decision goes to the House where each state delegation gets one vote and Trump wins because there are more red states than blue states, just barely. With Mitch McConnell and…

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