This Is Why Modern Medicine Has A Problem With Natural Cures

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Well, there is the money, of course.

When millions of people forego expensive and toxic medical drugs; when they rarely see conventional doctors; when they don’t receive vaccinations and don’t have their children vaccinated; when theyopt for natural remedies; when, worst of all, THEY STAY HEALTHY, this is a hammer blow to drug-based medicine.

These “natural health” people are also going againstThe Plan, which is a cradle-to-grave system, whereby humans are diagnosed with 30 or 40 diseases and disorders during their lifetime—requiring large amounts of toxic and debilitating drugs—and then they die. Note: The effects of the drugs are labeled “diseases,” which in turn are treated with more harmful drugs, resulting in new diagnoses of “diseases,” and so on. It’s a self-feeding, self-replicating parade of destruction.

You can see the final stages in nursing homes, where the elderly are warehoused. On their night tables are a dozen or…

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Obituary: The American Dream

Hawkins Bay Dispatch

01 November 2020 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

It could be argued that any dream based on the foundation of ‘exceptionalism’ was doomed to fail.

Exceptionalism by its very nature is usually only available to the ‘exceptional’ and of course they are the ones who determine who will be allowed into their exceptional group.

It could be argued that the American dream died on the day the so-called Magic Bullet was ‘discovered’ on a hospital gurney and the exceptional ones, without missing a beat, moved to their usual fortified position of ‘conspiracy theory.’

It could be argued that the American Dream died the day a lawyer in Washington DC agreed to the bizarre premise that their world was so exceptional that it was not only possible but legal to abrogate the tenets of the Geneva Conventions and engage in mass torture, Tuesday morning Kill Lists and an almost complete…

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