Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is showing what a police-free world looks like

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Ray Levy-Uyeda

As protests continue for a third week in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, calls for racial justice have come to include another, less-understood demand: defund the police. And it’s already working — in Minneapolis, a veto-proof majority of the city council voted to disband the police, following the city school board‘s move to pull all officers out of its educational institutions. Los Angeles soon followed and vowed to reduce the city’s multi-billion dollar budget by $150 million, and New York City is also considering cuts to its massive police budget.

But is it possible to live in a world without police? Skeptics wonder who would keep the pace and ensure public safety if there are no officers to deploy. But in Seattle, a movement called Free Capitol Hill is in the early days of demonstrating what it looks like to live…

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