US Election Theft 2020?

Counter Information

Photo: By Owen Yancher – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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If November 3 elections proved anything, it’s what Buttercup explained in Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore, saying the following:

“Things are seldom what they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream.”

“Highlows pass as patent leathers. Jackdaws strut in peacock’s feathers.”

“Black sheep dwell in every fold.
All that glitters is not gold.”

“Storks turn out to be but logs.
Bulls are but inflated frogs.”

There’s more, but the message is clear.

Reported US 2020 election results so far favoring Biden over Trump are “shady.”

What’s presented in key battleground states appears other than the popular will.

Trump’s team has good reason to challenge results, the winner very much uncertain until litigation plays out.

As in 2000, nine Supreme Court justices may have final say on who wins and loses in the contest for the nation’s…

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