Biden Won, America Lost

American Revolt


These are policies the Left is supposedly a champion of, closely aligning with the platforms of Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, the Green Party, and the People’s Party. Believe it or not, a majority of Americans strongly support these measures across the political spectrum. If America is an actual democracy, then why are none of these things happening? Cuz it isn’t, jack!

  • Medicare for All (Supported by 67% of Americans)
    Because healthcare is a human right, plus it’s also cheaper.
  • Green New Deal (Supported by 63%)
    Because inaction in response to the climate crisis means extinction.
  • Ending regime-change wars (Supported by 56%)
    Because killing innocents for natural resources is unjustifiable.
  • Breaking up the Big Banks (Supported by 50%)
    Because no industry should control 73% of the economy.
  • Public-only funding of elections (Supported by 77%)

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