Contact-Tracing Data Harvested From Pubs and Restaurants Being Sold On

BY Shanti Das for The Sunday Times

Companies collecting data for pubs and restaurantsto help them fulfil their contact-tracing dutiesare harvesting confidential customer information to sell.

Legal experts have warned of a “privacy crisis”caused by a rise in companies exploiting QR barcodesto take names, addresses, telephone numbers and email details, before passing them on to marketers, credit companies and insurance brokers.

The “quick response” mobile codes have been widely adopted by the hospitality, leisure and beauty industries as an alternative to pen-and-paper visitor logs since the government ordered businesses to collect contact details to give to NHS Test and Trace if required.

Any data collected should be kept by the business for 21 days and must not be used “for any purposes other than for NHS Test and Trace”, according to government guidelines.

Butsome firms used by businesses to meet the new requirements have clauses…

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Uber is attempting to colonize the California government

The Most Revolutionary Act

If you live in California and own a smartphone, or a television, or a mailbox, or a functioning pair of eyes, chances are you have seen ads endorsing the Prop 22 ballot initiative in the state. Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Instacart, and other “gig” companies have spent about $186 million so far to trick Californians into voting for this atrocity — by far the most that has ever been spent on any ballot initiative in American history. The campaign is so massive that many people who live all the way across the country, including myself, have seen these ads.

Prop 22 is one of the worst ballot initiatives I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot. It would blow a huge hole in California labor law, creating a permanent sub-caste of workers vulnerable to exploitation, and turn over a huge chunk of California’s political sovereignty to ruthless…

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Fake ‘progressive’ mailers urge yes on Uber/Lyft’s Prop. 22

The Most Revolutionary Act

Political mailers masquerading as progressive voter guides and endorsing Proposition 22, the initiative backed by Uber and Lyft, are showing up in Southern California voters’ mailboxes.

The fine print on one mailer says it was prepared by the “Feel the Bern, Progressive Voter Guide,” which is not an actual organization. Neither are the “Council of Concerned Women Voters Guide” nor the “Our Voice, Latino Voter Guide,” whose mailers make the same endorsements as Feel the Bern.

Mailed political fliers typically identify the organization that paid for the literature. But that information was conspicuously absent from Feel the Bern and the other two mailers.

The mass mailings have the same Long Beach mailing address, which is the office of Gould and Orellana LLC. Gould and Orellana calls itself the “Political Reporting Experts.” SFGATE tried to contact the firm, but no one answered the phone and the voicemail boxes were full.


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