Reclaimed Space Sprouts Community Garden From Uprising’s Embers

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image: an overhead shot of the Lake Street Open Growth Space showing garden beds around the perimeter beside 17th avenue and Lake street. To the left of the photo there is a circular garden with herbs and medicinal plants planted alongside flowers around a plum tree. Across Lake street is a local Panaderia / Tortilleria.

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By Jenn Schreiter, Unicorn Riot September 28, 2020

Minneapolis, MN – Without waiting for permission, growers began planting vegetables and herbs in an empty lot on Lake Street and 17th Avenue. Their aim was to reclaim the dormant land on behalf of the community who lived nearby, in whatever way they saw fit to put it to use.

We would like to see those places be used for something that benefits the community rather than just sitting and waiting for a developer to come in and build a condo.

— Lake Street Open Space volunteer

Lake Street Open Growth Space‘ was the name chosen for this squatted garden. A ‘squat‘ is a reclamation of neglected or unused privately-owned property to transform it into a public commons.

In August, we interviewed several volunteer organizers at the Open Growth Space…

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