Hidden History: The Long War for Irish Independence

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Dublin Lockout and World War I

The Irish Identity Episode 18 (Great Courses)

Presenter: Marc Conner

Film Review

This film is part of a free lecture series on the history and literature of Ireland. Being of Irish descent, I have a particular interest in the Irish independence movement, which is rarely taught in US schools.

The Rising of 1798 was the first recorded mass action for Irish independence. The movement, however, gained major momentum from the 1845-89 potato famine and the mass migration of Irish peasants to US cities. As Irish immigrants gradually established themselves in American police and fire departments and all levels of government and organized crime, the amassed wealth they sent back helped fund the movement for independence.

The failure of David O’Connell’s bill (in the British parliament) to repeal the Act of Union* would lead to the 1848 Rebellion. John O’Mahoney, one of the Rebellion…

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