Exposed: US Occupation of Syria Now Official

Global Research, September 30, 2020
Fort Russ 24 September 2020

The United States has now sent more occupying forces into Syria in clear violation of international law. The Pentagon regime officials claim the deployment of additional occupying forces allegedly came due to a series of “incidents” between US occupying forces and Russian troops legally stationed in the country. The US troops will be operating in Syria on a 90-day deployment.

They say the additional soldiers and vehicles will serve as a “show of presence” to “discourage” Russia from entering the eastern areas of Syria where US forces and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces illegally operate. US troops have had multiple encounters with the Syrian government and Russia inside Syria throughout the year. Some of the more serious confrontations occurred last month.

US commanders blame the encounters on Moscow and Damascus, but while the US maintains its presence…

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Who is Rwanda’s Real Hero? Paul Kagame or Paul Rusesabagina?

The Most Revolutionary Act

Who is Rwanda’s Real Hero? Paul Kagame or Paul Rusesabagina? / Photo: Paul Rusesabagina (left) and Paul Kagame.
Who is Rwanda’s Real Hero? Paul Kagame or Paul Rusesabagina? / Photo: Paul Rusesabagina (left) and Paul Kagame.


Ann Garrison, BAR Contributing Editor

What Kagame has done to Rusesabagina, of Hotel Rwanda fame, embarrasses the US foreign policy establishment that has lionized his brutal regime for so long, writes Ann Garrison.

“Rusesabagina is a longtime critic of Kagame’s regime and its catastrophic war on the Congolese people and the Rwandan refugee population.”

Paul Rusesabagina, the real-life protagonist whose heroic story is the basis of the film “Hotel Rwanda ,” is now imprisoned and on trial in Rwanda for a long list of preposterous “terrorism” charges. Rwandan operatives kidnapped  him in Dubai at the beginning of September and forcibly extradited him to Rwanda on the orders of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who was for many years celebrated as Rwanda’s savior, the general who stopped the genocide. A long list…

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Rwanda: Story of a Genocide Foretold

The Most Revolutionary Act

Rwanda: Story of a Genocide Foretold

Directed by Michael Sztanke (2019)

Film Review

This documentary is about recent declassified evidence that reveals French complicity in the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

Although Rwanda is a former Belgian colony, France provided military “support” from the early nineties an an effort to “de-anglicize” central Africa. Viewing military presence in Rwanda as an entry point to Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) with its wealth of diamonds, gold, and rare earth minerals, they offered weapons and “military advisors.” Many of the latter assumed operational command over Rwandan troops.

Meanwhile, owing to systematic persecution by the Hutu-led government, many minority Tutsis fled to Uganda where they formed the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) led by current president Paul Kagame. The role of French forces was to assist the Hutu government in repelling the RPF.

In 1991, French general Jean Varret warned his superiors that machine guns and…

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