This Explosion Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs In The United States Is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before

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According to Zero Hedge, there has been a “40% eruption in bankruptcy filings” in New York City so far in 2020, and one bankruptcy lawyer is warning that “there will be an avalanche of bankruptcies” as we approach the end of the year…

As more businesses collapse, more workers will lose their jobs.  So even though we have already seen more than 60 million American workers file new claims for unemployment benefits in 2020, more waves of unemployment are still on the way.

All of the dominoes are starting to fall, and every day there are more headlines that tell us that our society is coming apart at the seams.

I have been warning my readers for a very long time that this was coming, and now that it is here there will be no escape.

This Explosion Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs In The United States Is Unlike Anything We Have Ever…

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Coronavirus Cases Plummet When PCR Tests Are Limited to Under 36 Amplification Cycles

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Barbara Caceres

Published September 29, 2020 | Medicine, Public Health

Health experts now say that PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus associated with the illness COVID-19, is too sensitive and needs to be adjusted to rule out people who have insignificant amounts of the virus in their system.1 The test’s threshold is so high that it detects people with the live virus as well as those with a few genetic fragments left over from a past infection that no longer poses a risk. It’s like finding a hair in a room after a person left it, says Michael Mina, MD, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.2

In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The New York Times…

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Has Tokyo achieved herd immunity for COVID?

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan
Credit: Hide1228/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

According to medical researchers from Japan and the US, stats suggest Tokyo, Japan, may have achieved herd immunity over the summer months. Herd immunity occurs when enough people have caught a particular virus, that it slows the virus’ spread. When that happens, the number of new infections begins to drop.

It should be noted that Japan and Tokyo did not institute a lockdown, with businesses and public transportation remaining open during the pandemic. This allowed the virus to spread more quickly between people than in regimes that instituted a lockdown.

The researchers had been testing a group of working people from 11 different Tokyo businesses for COVID since May. They noted that in May, 5.8% of their group tested positive for COVID and by the end of summer it had reached 46.8%

At around the same time 50% of their group…

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