Philadelphia Housing Activists Claim Victory After Six Month Direct Action Campaign

The Most Revolutionary Act

Photo: Hughe Dylan/Philly Voice

Philadelphia Housing Action claims victory after 6 month direct action campaign forces City to relinquish 50 vacant homes to community land trust.

In largest self-organized housing takeover in the country, 50 homeless mothers and children to remain in 15 vacant city-owned homes, homeless protest encampments to take additional houses.

On Friday, September 25, Philadelphia Housing Action and the City of Philadelphia reached a tentative agreement to resolve a months long standoff over the fate of two homeless protest encampments and 15 vacant city-owned homes occupied by mothers and children. The unprecedented agreement to give homeless activists 50 vacant, viable homes comes after many months of housing takeovers, protest encampments, eviction defense of the houses, barricaded and blockaded streets and mass mobilizations to defend the encampments.

“It’s a good start but it’s also not enough,” said Black and Brown Workers Cooperative organizer Sterling Johnson.  “There was already…

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