HYBRID WAR: Gordon Duff – The COVID Bio-Weapon Covert-Op, ‘Design & Deployment’


Source – veteranstoday.com

“…I believe that this is either a Miltel op of the US ARMY at Fort Huachuca, or a joint CIA/Mossad op wherein CV is being randomly added to xxxredacted covertly. To me this is the only way that a wide variety of groups of types of infections…We know from Icelandic medical researchers that they found about 40 different varieties of CV-19, most fairly harmless and only a few serious”

A Monologue by Dr. Preston James with Gordon Duff (classified/partially redacted)

G, here is my take on the CV op. Your articles, especially the one today are excellent. Sad thing is that few are capable of accepting much truth ever, so most goes on deaf ears since you have burst many false hopes in T, and most cannot live without hope, they would rather believe a lie and feel better.

Years ago I was briefed by several…

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