David Graeber: How Debt Enslaves Us

The Most Revolutionary Act

Revolution in Reverse: Debt and Work and the New Colonialism

Directed by Chiara Cavalazzi (2017)

Film Review

Originally released in 2014, this film contains additional footage from 2017 referring to Trump’s election. The purpose of the film is to outline the late David Graeber’s philosophy of debt, with illustrations from Occupy movement protests and other global uprisings. Graeber, a member of International Workers of the World (IWW), was one of the original organizers of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest.

The filmmakers intersperse vignettes from seminarsGraeber held with students and activists with footage and interviews from Occupy Wall Street and other protests directed against finance and monopoly capitalism.

In his presentations, Graeber reprises many of the basic issues he covers in his best known book Debt the First 5000 years. The main weakness of the film is that it fails to acknowledge Graeber’s views on the destructive role of…

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