Why Has Canada Fared Better than US in Pandemic?

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Canadian flag, American flagAndrew WeichelProducer, CTVNewsVancouver.ca

VANCOUVER — Why has Canada been more successful at limiting the spread of COVID-19 than our neighbours in the U.S.?

One “critically important” factor is Canada’s universal health care system, B.C. health officials said Thursday.

“People don’t have to pay for a test,” provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said after being asked to weigh Canada’s advantages. “They weren’t worried that if they got sick they would not be able to get care.”

Her remarks came hours after advocates of paid alternatives to public care were dealt a major blow in B.C. Supreme Court.

B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix agreed with Henry’s assessment, calling the public health system “at the core” of Canada’s success in battling the pandemic.

The structure of the public system made it easy for officials to co-operate and consolidate their approach, both nationally and provincially, Dix said.

“It means that…

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