THEATER OF THE ABSURD: ‘Technosexuals’, …Talk Dirty To Me Alexa


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“…U.K.-based psychologist, Lucy Beresford, wrote in The Telegraph that the number of technosexuals is increasing as their “primary source of arousal are through interacting with their tech,” indicating that society is “sleepwalking into a different kind of epidemic – one of loneliness and fear of intimacy” driven partially by the lockdowns”

Rise Of ‘Technosexuals’ – 14% Of Men Are Aroused By Amazon Alexa

A new study commissioned by WeVibe, a sex toy company, found loneliness and anxiety during the virus-induced lockdowns has likely resulted in the emergence of “technosexuals.”

Readers must be confused about what exactly the term means. Well, it turns out that anyone who is sexually attracted to machinery, robots, and or, in this case, smart-speakers, is a technosexual.

WeVibe surveyed 1,000 men and discovered 14% of respondents confessed their Amazon smart-speaker sexually aroused them.

Also known as “Alexa,” Amazon’s smart-speaker is no longer…

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