Original 9-11 Footage Media “Lost”

The Most Revolutionary Act

Dylan Eleven Truth11.com

Truth11 would like to remind us all that no planes were used to bring down the twin towers or the pentagon.  Below is clear, UN-edited footage.  See for yourself.

First the pentagon, this is the missing camera footage that the media lost and could not show.  It shows clearly a missile flying by, not a plane.

And Second the twin towers showing an explosion clearly without a plane hitting the second building.  The official narrative has inserted a digital plane.  See for yourself.  This footage shows clearly without doubt that no planes were used. See min 2:03 on the left tower.

Via https://truth11.com/2020/09/11/on-the-anniversary-of-9-11-we-remind-us-all-that-no-planes-were-used-two-videos-showing-the-real-footage/

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