DAS KAPITAL: ‘How to Save a Dying Republic’. Lincoln & the Greenbacks – By Matthew Ehret


Source – strategic-culture.org

“…Will Trump have the strength to give neocon vipers in his cabinet the Bolton treatment before they unleash war with Russia and China? Will he be able to avoid a new economic meltdown, civil war and coup d’état before 2021? Will Lincoln’s system be revived both in America and alongside other nations like Russia and China before a global catastrophe befalls us? Those questions remain to be seen”

While some onlookers have found themselves cheering on this impending meltdown of the “great American empire”, I think it is wiser to take a more measured approach to the tragedy now unfolding in America and across the entire trans-Atlantic Community. After all, what would we expect to see under conditions of dissolution of the union into civil war and economic collapse? Would the danger…

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