Facing Downturn in U.S. and Global Markets, Big Oil Targets Africa to Dump Plastics

Counter Information

Global Research, September 02, 2020
350.org 1 September 2020

American oil companies are keen to export more plastics to Africa through Kenya. According to the New York Times, a lobby group representing Big Oil and chemical companies, including Shell, Exxon and Total, has been pushing the US government to use a US-Kenya trade deal to dump petro-chemicals and plastics across Africa, to prop up Big Oil’s dwindling profits amidst a global pandemic and an oil crash.

Letters from the lobby group, identified by Unearthed, also call for the lifting of limits on the plastics waste trade, a move which experts say amounts to an attempt to legally circumvent existing law in Kenya banning plastics which could have a domino effect in many other countries across Africa that have banned the single-use of plastics.

In reaction to these developments, Landry Ninteretse…

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