Postal Workers Defy Order Not to Restart Sorting Machines

The Most Revolutionary Act

Don’t reconnect mailing machines, Postal Service tells plants. Tacoma does it anyway

By John Ryan


An order from U.S. Postal Service headquarters hasn’t stopped some mail-processing plants in Washington state from hooking up their high-speed letter-sorting machines again.

Despite a national order not to reinstall letter-sorting machines that had been dismantled over the past month, the Postal Service plants in Tacoma and Wenatchee have done just that, according to workers there.

Forty percent of the letter-sorting machines in the Seattle-Tacoma area had been disconnected by Tuesday, when the Postal Service announced a halt to a nationwide machinery purge until after the November election.

“I have seen a lot of machinery that has been taken out,” Postal Service truck driver Bob Bockman of Tacoma said.

The Tacoma plant lost eight of its 18 machines that sort and postmark the mail, according to workers there. The equipment was disconnected and pushed…

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