Medical Martial Law: More Dangerous Than COVID-19?

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Antony Sammeroff

The following is a list of 8 things I am more worried about than Covid-19. Strap in.

1) In the UK, we’re hearing that there will be more cancer deaths than COVID deaths because of diversion of resources.

2) The 1.2 million dead children UNICEF is predicting will be caused by the lockdown.

3) the 75,000 predicted “deaths of despair”

4) The 42 to 66 million children around the world the UN says will be reduced to “extreme poverty”.

5) My friends in India confirm by text there is no work and no food and people are dying not from the virus but from that. I have texts from one saying there are children in the street begging me for food but he can’t do anything more because I don’t have any either!!! I have attached an excerpt

6) During the whole of this period you could…

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