With Thousands Dying Daily, Can We Try Human Challenge to Get Vaccine Ready Now?

The Muslim Times

Covid 19 vaccine The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles for the war against Covid 19, especially the vaccines.

Why people are volunteering to get Covid-19

A controversial plan could get us a vaccine sooner.

Source: Vox

By Laura Bult

With thousands of people dying of Covid-19 every day, the sooner a vaccine can be deemed safe and effective, the better. But vaccine development is a lengthy process that isn’t easy to rush. In part, that’s because of the final step in testing any vaccine: the phase III trial.

Phase III trials require tens of thousands of volunteers, each of whom get either a placebo or an experimental vaccine. Then vaccine developers have to wait until a statistically significant number of them, going about their lives normally, eventually get naturally infected. This step alone can often take years.

When it comes to Phase III trials for a Covid-19 vaccine…

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