Religion has become a powerful hammer driving a wedge between ‘us’ and ‘them’

The Muslim Times

bible of Trump In June, protesters were tear-gassed and cleared in order for President Trump to secure a photo of himself holding a Bible in front of a Washington, D.C., church. The Muslim Times has the best articles for pluralism. Suggested reading: Are Religions Pluralistic or Myopic and Parochial?

Source: Miami Herald

By David Elcott

Democracy is under assault every day. Journalists are called enemies of the people. Judges are threatened by vicious tweets. Those who try to sustain government institutions are arbitrarily fired when they challenge the president. Dissenting governors and mayors face political blackmail from the White House. Violence against dissenters is as real as the cars plowing into peaceful demonstrators, or badge-less federal “agents” in desert camouflage battling demonstrators on urban streets. The science on public health and climate change is demeaned.

A deadly pandemic is fitting punishment for globalization because, we are told, elements from other countries, like “Kung…

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