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How do you save a truly corrupt country like Lebanon? It’s a question with an almost impossible answer

The Muslim Times

The poison that is killing the country will require an international reaction not seen in decades if it is to be leached out, writes Robert Fisk

The blast at Beirut's port has killed dozens and injured thousands
The blast at Beirut’s port has killed dozens and injured thousands ( AFP via Getty )

 Well, we can all agree that the sea took 70 per cent of the blast!” a close Lebanese friend announced to me this week, with intriguing if doubtful science. I had asked him – because I knew the answer – which of Lebanon’s religious communities had suffered most grievously from the explosion that changed the nation. Or did not change the nation, as the case may be.

Like everything in Lebanon, his calculation may have been right. Because Beirut, like Tripoli – and Haifa, for that matter – is built on one of those ancient east Mediterranean promontories, like “the face of an old fisherman”…

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