Corona and the End of the Neoliberal Era?

Counter Information

Global Research, August 10, 2020

For 40 years they hurled their neoliberal dogmas at us. The financial crisis seriously shook the belief in those beliefs, but eventually the system survived. This time things are different. The corona crisis and the socio-economic measures for saving the system have killed the neoliberal dogmas one by one. High time for something new.

Fallen dogmas

“We are living above our means. Sorry, but there is no money.”

They have taught us that for years. Health care was too expensive, unemployment benefits were too generous, wages were too high and there was simply no money for social or cultural matters. The government deficit and debts had to be kept as low as possible, which is why spending had to be reduced on everything.

Overnight there seems to be money indeed and they appear to have found gigantic money pots. Today they spend…

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