NEO-CONNED: Neoliberalism & the Beirut Explosion – By Daniel Lazare


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“…From Central America to the Middle East, the ground is littered with the broken bodies of résistants. But now the U.S. is reeling from an overdose of its own medicine. Its economy is faltering, its international standing is plummeting, and its political system has broken down to the point that the November elections may well end in fighting in the streets”

Neoliberalism & the Beirut Explosion  – By Daniel Lazare

Back when people were still allowed to say such things, the famous defense attorney Clarence Darrow used to confess that he liked filling his juries with Irishmen because, no matter how heinous the crime, they’d look at the accused, cross themselves, and mutter, “There but the grace of God go I.”

Darrow’s story is worth keeping in mind now that a massive ammonium-nitrate blast has leveled much of Beirut. Although terrorism can’t be entirely dismissed, it looks…

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