If the two-state solution is dead, what is next ?

The Muslim Times

Aug 10,2020 – JORDAN TIMES – Marwan M. Obeidat

In what can only be called an extreme shift in US foreign policy, President Donald Trump seems to have moved from decades-old approach to the Palestinian cause, offering Israelis and Arab Palestinians another concept (one state) without defining what this new notion actually brings with it and whether it is actually realistic or not!

Is it going to be a state in which Israelis and the Arab Palestinians live side-by-side together as citizens of one state, or one where Israel keeps domination over the West Bank and its Arab people as second-class citizens? No, US president has ever suggested a solution for the decades-old conflict or such a choice without recognising what comes after. Annexation of the West Bank will be a lousier choice for this matter!

However, President Trump’s idea, in as far as we can see, emphasises the need…

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