The Vaccine Unicorn – Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Will Be ‘Joint Venture’ Between CDC And Pentagon (US Military) Per Trump Executive Order – Covid-19 And Operation Red Dawn – Human Rights Violating Communist China Illogic Logic Of Locking Up Entire Healthy Population | A Green Road Journal

AGR Daily News

Pandemics have been responded to with effective testing, tracking and isolation of infected individuals plus their contacts, but never in human history has an entire healthy population been locked up as if EVERYONE is infected. What makes this much worse, is that in past epidemics or pandemics, infected individuals have been locked up for between 14 to 40 days, but never before in human history has an entirely healthy population been put under house arrest for MONTHS, to potentially YEARS at a time, while also devastating an entire global economy..

What makes it even more strange is that just a few billionaires are PROFITING from this pandemic, as everyone else is suffering and dying. Could that be the plan? Until Communist China violated human and civil rights by locking up an entire region, this brutal human rights and Constitution violating tactic has never been attempted before. China is a despotic…

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