EU Is Upbeat on Vaccine: Virus Update

The Muslim Times

_89925705_cyclist_eiffel_getty976 Eiffel Tower the most famous landmark of Europe. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles for the war against Covid 19, especially the vaccines.

Source: Bloomberg

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The U.S. passed 5 million Covid-19 infections on Sunday after adding 1 million new cases in just over two weeks.

The European Commission is hopeful a vaccine will be available by early next year, allowing a gradual return to normality, Handelsblatt reported.

Italy’s government reaffirmed its plan to reopen schools next month. That message was echoed by the cabinet in the U.K. even as it again reported more than 1,000 new cases a day. Paris will mandate outdoor mask wearing on its busiest streets from Monday to limit a resurgence in cases.

Key Developments

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One thought on “EU Is Upbeat on Vaccine: Virus Update

  1. IF I WERE A RICH MAN……………………………………….?
    I would invest in a VACCINE that would rid the world of “Useless Eaters”!
    Now that we have millions of Muslims in Europe, who have shown that they are troublemakers – No 1 on the list!
    All those bums and junkies cluttering up our streets begging & robbing – NO 2 on the list!
    All those old codgers draining their Pension Fund & blocking hospital beds – NO 3 on the list.
    All them little bastards born to unmarried females – NO 4 on the list.
    All the Blacks in Africa occupying prime land – NO 5 on the list!
    The Nazis called it “Life unworthy of life”. Let me simply call it “The Philosophy of the Useless Eaters”.

    It is difficult to determine where this philosophy came from. Thomas Malthus wrote in 1798 that there will always be more people in the world than can be fed, hence the need for wars and diseases. We know that people like the British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, birth control founder Margaret Sanger, Stalin, and Adolf Hitler were practitioners of this philosophy, but the man who stands out as the biggest practitioner has to be “Red Terror” Felix Dzerzhinsky. Most Westerners have never heard of him, but he is a Communist god and they have erected a huge statue in his honour (torn down, but soon to be re-erected) in Moscow.

    Felix D. was a Polish aristocrat, Bolshevik, and creator of the “Cheka” or “Secret Police” during the Russian revolution. He killed thousands of “counter-revolutionaries” and all he needed was a confession to do so. Trials were therefore short and executions summarily. One of his tactics was to pose as a counter-revolutionary and even bomb police stations to lure opponents of the revolution to believe that a counter-revolution has started and then kill them off.

    Felix D. regarded mankind as being slightly above the level of cattle. He once told British agent Sydney Reilly, while the two were on a drinking binge that, “Man is of no importance. Look at what happens when you starve him. He begins to eat his dead companions to stay alive. Man is only interested in his own survival. That is all that counts. All the Spinoza stuff is a lot of rubbish.”

    This philosophy is a mixture of Freud, Plato, Aristotle, Darwin, Marx, and many others. The way it was explained to me was basically like this:

    Man has no natural enemies so he breeds uncontrollably. The artificially created, industrialized world has developed to the stage where it can support the meek of society; cripples, chronically sick, blind and deaf people, etc. Further, these people are allowed to breed more cripples, chronically sick, blind, and deaf “Useless Eaters” who would have died out in a natural environment and because of this situation, the human race is systematically weakened through enlarging numbers of useless eaters across the world. It has, therefore, become necessary to control the numbers of the so-called “useless eaters” in order for the human race to remain strong and survive. It is important to note that one finds “Useless Eaters” amongst all nations. Race and nationality is of little importance here.

    To these string-pullers, nature must take its course. Human life has very little value. Soldiers who die in the war died, because they were too stupid to stay alive. Genocide is a major bonus to them; culling of mass amounts of “useless eaters” who were too stupid to escape and therefore deserved to be killed. Old people on farms in South Africa being violently killed and tortured to death deserved it because they should have taken steps to safeguard themselves. If they get killed it is because of their own stupidity. In this world, there is only space for the strongest and cleverest genes. The useless eaters have to die. That is why they did nothing to stop the six million Jews being killed in WW2. That is why the world did nothing to stop Pol Pot in Cambodia or the genocide in Rwanda. They were all just “useless eaters”.

    Further, industrialization and Western Technology helps to keep “useless eaters” alive and therefore need to be halted. That is the real reason behind the Ozone depletion and Warm earth theories.

    Cecil John Rhodes was a great visionary for their cause. He was an arch racist who wanted to rid Africa of all the “useless eaters” and then claim its riches for Great Britain. This man has more than fifty biographies written about him, two countries were named after him as well as a university in South Africa. Beneficiaries of his Scholarship trust were amongst others, Bill Clinton, writer Alain Locke, singer/actor, Kris Kristofferson, diplomat Strobe Talbott (Yugoslavia peace negotiator 1999) and many others. This scholarship allows them to study for two years at Oxford University. A great monument was erected to Rhodes at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town. So why did he not succeed?

    See Rhodes ran into some good Christian Whites called Afrikaners up north, who did not understand or agree with his vision. These Afrikaner farmers called “Boers” halted his visionary plans in the most expensive war Britain has ever fought and they would never be forgiven for it. Imagine if Rhodes befriended the Boers and shared his vision with them. Blacks would have only existed in History books today. Africa from Cape to Cairo would have been white.

    Nevertheless, it was not to be. Eventually, these Afrikaners rose to power and ruled South Africa. At first, the Rhodes disciples thought that the Afrikaners would finish the job and exterminate the “useless eaters” in Africa as it happened in Australia, America, etc, but no. These Afrikaners were good Christian folk who built schools and universities for the useless eaters. They built houses, hospitals and employed the useless eaters. Under Afrikaners, the useless eater population of South Africa increased four-fold, and the white countries of Rhodesia, South Africa, and Namibia were feeding the rest of Africa. This was obviously a disaster for the “useless eater” proponents. Therefore the Afrikaners had to go.

    In South Africa, it is very important that we understand this philosophy in order for us to understand why the world sits with folded arms and watch Zimbabwe collapse and whites systematically slaughtered in South Africa.

    Wonder no more why the world does nothing to stop Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Wonder no more why a statue of a terrorist such as Mandela is erected in London. Wonder no more why the world does not condemn Mbeki’s AIDS policy or the crime in South Africa.

    Whites need to leave, because the white doctors, engineers, and farmers are keeping the “Useless Eaters” alive.

    Communism in Africa is just a vehicle to depopulate the continent in such a way that the ignorant masses do not realize what is going on and will go along with it thinking they are “free”.

    Survival of whites on this continent depends on how well they understand their position and role in the global population control of the “useless eaters”. If whites leave South Africa it would be ideal for the global cause, but if they stay they should not help the useless eaters. Whites should form their own little country and should not treat useless eaters in hospitals, feed them, or clothe them. Whites should isolate themselves and let the useless eaters die off naturally. Whites should stop crying about crime and start fighting back. If they get killed because of crime, then they did not listen to sound advice and deserved to be killed. It strengthens the nation if idiots are killed off.

    So who are these string-pullers?

    Think about an eagle. It is the symbol of many countries such as the USA, Germany, and Hungary. An eagle has two wings, left and right, yet they are attached to the same body and controlled by the same brain. The same goes for the claws. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact, it is vital for the survival of the eagle. For the eagle to fly, catch its prey and survive it is essential that it controls both the left-wing and the right-wing.

    It is important to notice that these world scholars who believe in the “useless eater” philosophy are neither right nor left. They will use both Fascism and Communism, as long as they can control the population of the earth. Anyone who supports their goals is richly rewarded, but beware the one who stands in their way.

    Contrary to what most conspiracy theorists think, it is not one group (Illuminati, Freemasons, Club of Rome, etc), but rather the four hundred-odd “Think Tanks” across the world with their learned academics, financiers, religious leaders and politicians who eventually draw up these policies who are responsible for it. These “Think Tanks” are the bodies to which both the left and right wings are attached but who or what is the brain?

    One of these “Think tanks” is the Catholic military order known as the Jesuits. Their leader, also known as “The most powerful man on earth” or “The ‘Black’ Pope”. Chances are you have never heard of him. The Jesuit order played a big role in “Liberation Theology” in South America and Africa where communists took over and killed millions of ‘useless eaters’.

    They don’t call me THE GATES OF HELL for nothing.
    Dr. Fauci was educated by the Jesuits!


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