VOODOO ECONOMICS: ‘Silver Tongued Devil’, Destruction of a Billionaire (Part 2) – By Tim Knight


Source – zerohedge.com

“… Bunker chartered a fleet of 707 planes for the sole purpose of jetting the hoard of silver overseas, and he needed some serious security to ride with the jets to ensure their safe passage….To this end, the Hunts held a shooting contest at their Circle K Range, hosting a multitude of cowboys to prove their sharpshooting skills. The dozen most proficient of them were hired as marksman to accompany the armored trucks and jets that were hired to deliver the silver to its safe Swiss destination”

From the Slope of Hope, an excerpt from my book Panic Prosperity and Progress about a germane period in financial history related to the Hunt family and their attempt to corner the silver market……….here’s Part 1 if you missed it.

Around this time, a radical…

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