RESILIENT LIVING: ‘Crime’s & Misdemeanors’, How To Become “Anti-Fragile” – By Patrice Lewis 


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“…A man committed some sort of misdemeanor crime. He retreated to his rural home and stubbornly refused to appear in court… authorities informed the man he would be arrested the moment he set foot off his property. They cut off his water. They cut off his power. (I don’t know if they cut off his mail.) And yet – he and his family stuck it out for TEN YEARS. For ten years, they were entirely self-contained and made no outside trips at all. After that ten years, the authorities apparently decided the man had been sufficiently “punished” for whatever crime he committed, and lifted the injunction. Then, and only then, did he emerge from his self-imposed exile”

SM:...They should build a statute to this guy –no wait, they’d just tear it down…

How To Become “Anti-Fragile” – By Patrice Lewis

I have a little fantasy which I’ll tell you…

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