REALPOLITIK: ‘Contradictions of Modern Iran’, Imperialist Iran Becomes Anti-Imperialist – By Thierry Meyssan


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“…Westerners made Shah Reza Pahlevi the “gendarme of the Middle East”. He saw to it that nationalist movements were crushed….During the oil crisis of 1973, he realized the power he had at his disposal. He then considered restoring a real empire and sought the help of the Saudis. The latter immediately informed the United States who decided to eliminate their ally Pahlevi who had become too greedy and to replace him by the old ayatollah Khomeiny (77 years old at the time) whom they surrounded with their agents. But first of all, MI6 made it clear: the communists were put in prison, while the imam of the poor, the Lebanese Moussa Sadr, disappeared during a visit to Libya and Ali Shariati was assassinated in London”

The history of Iran in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries corresponds neither to the…

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