The Role of the Rooster

Exposing the Big Game

By Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns

The family role of the rooster is nowadays less well known to most people than the motherhood of the hen. The charm of seeing a rooster with his hens appears in Chaucer’s portrait of Chanticleer in The Canterbury Tales:

This cock had in his princely sway and measure
Seven hens to satisfy his every pleasure,
Who were his sisters and his sweethearts true,
Each wonderfully like him in her hue,
Of whom the fairest-feathered throat to see
Was fair Dame Partlet. Courteous was she,
Discreet, and always acted debonairly.

Image byRitaEfromPixabay

Rooster as a Symbol of Divine Fertility and Life Force

In ancient times, theroosterwas esteemed for his sexual vigor; it is said that a healthy youngroostermay mate as often as thirty or more times a day. Theroosterthus figures in…

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