Small, But Welcome, Good News From Canada

Exposing the Big Game

by Barry Kent MacKay in BlogCanadaCoexisting with Wildlife on July 27, 2020

Matthews, Sue / Public domain.

Amid the worldwide tsunami of bad news and sadness one searches for a trickle of positivity; something to celebrate.

For some time there has been a group, operating under the banner of the Pacific Balance Marine Management (PBMM), that has been lobbying to convince the government, and to garner public support, to legalize a commercial hunt for seals and sea lions on Canada’s west coast. The argument is the usual one – too many sea lions eating too many salmon (of commercial value, of course) in a region in need of employment and revenue. In an effort to seem to be attune to rapidly growing public awareness of just how badly our species has damaged the ecosphere upon which the survival of us all depends, a nuance was…

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