Chicago Teens Transform Liquor Store Into Fresh Food Market

The Most Revolutionary Act

A group of teenagers from Chicago are on a mission to address food insecurity in the city. According to Block Club Chicago, By the Hand Club for Kids recently launched a project to transform a liquor store on Chicago’s West Side into a pop-up fresh food market.

The concept for the market was created following a roundtable discussion hosted by By the Hand Club for Kids—a nonprofit centered on educating and empowering youth from underserved communities—about the unrest following the murder of George Floyd. The teenagers, many of whom hail from Chicago’s Austin community, expressed their frustration surrounding disparities that plague their neighborhood. One of the issues that were brought to the…

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World Mayors Call for Car-Free Streets and End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Most Revolutionary Act

Mayors from some of the world’s major cities have unveiled their vision for how the world can recover from the coronavirus pandemic while encouraging environmental justice and fighting the climate crisis.

The C40 Mayors’ Agenda for a Green and Just Recovery, announced Wednesday, includes measures already being adopted in many cities to recover from the pandemic in a way that addresses inequalities and keeps global heating to the Paris agreement goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. As part of their vision, the mayors are calling on national governments to end all subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.

“Nations must seize this moment to decisively move away from investments in high carbon and fossil fuel intensive industries and increase investments in a low carbon future,” the mayors wrote, according to a press release emailed to EcoWatch.

C40 Cities are a group of 96 world…

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Rebuilding Communities Around Agriculture

The Most Revolutionary Act

How We Grow Communities: Rebuilding Ourselves Around Agriculture

Directed by Haley Thompson and Tomas Zaccarellow (2018)

Film Review

“Make Tomorrow You Take an Active Role in Your Food System”

This documentary concerns the growing movement to bring more young people into organic agriculture and permaculture. There is already growing inclination on the part of American young people to enter farming. I’m sure this relates in large part to high youth unemployment from the 2008 global financial crash. The average age of farmers in industrial agriculture is 58.

Focusing mainly on a small farming/tourist community in the Colorado Rockies, the film highlights a number of promising initiatives (being copied in other states) to expand the local food movement. These include programs to teach children about healthy soil and eating through school-based organic gardens; an Earth Keepers Day Camp; grassroots climate justice initiatives to facilitate rapid transition to renewable energy; lease options…

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