Microplastics are EVERYWHERE: Yes, even in your gut and the food you eat, warn scientists – NaturalNews.com

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These findings, which were published in theAnnals of Internal Medicine, showed thatpeople ingest at least 50,000 microplasticsannually.

Despite the various studies on the adverse effects of microplastics on the environment and animal life, experts have yet to determine how exactly exposure to microplastics affects humans. However, researchers have expressed their worries about how microplastics canaccumulate toxic chemicals, which may then enter the bloodstream once you consume tainted food or beverages like bottledwater.

Microplastics and gut health

According to the researchers fromtheMedical University of Vienna(MedUni Vienna) in Austria who conducted the study, you ingest microplastics when you eat certain kinds of foods and beverages.

Study findings also showed that it’s not just humans who unknowingly have microplastics in their bodies: Even aquatic animals are exposed to microplastics, which then enters your body when you consume fish and other kinds of seafood.

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