Community Peacemakers Offer Proven Alternative to Policing

The Most Revolutionary Act

Loretta Graceffo

Waging Nonviolence

Imagine a world where after being accused of using a counterfeit bill, George Floyd was approached by a community member who helped mediate the situation, rather than the police officer who suffocated him as he begged for his life. A world where Rayshard Brooks was not murdered for falling asleep in his car in a Wendy’s parking lot, but given a ride home. A world where Elijah McClain was not choked and injected with ketamine for “acting suspicious,” but simply asked by a neighbor how he was doing.

Those in power would have us believe that such a world is impossible — but for the past four years, the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago has been providing a roadmap for what this radical reimagining of justice might look like.

For decades, Chicago has been plagued by gun violence, which has taken the lives of more than350

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Microplastics are EVERYWHERE: Yes, even in your gut and the food you eat, warn scientists –

Truth2Freedom's Blog

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These findings, which were published in theAnnals of Internal Medicine, showed thatpeople ingest at least 50,000 microplasticsannually.

Despite the various studies on the adverse effects of microplastics on the environment and animal life, experts have yet to determine how exactly exposure to microplastics affects humans. However, researchers have expressed their worries about how microplastics canaccumulate toxic chemicals, which may then enter the bloodstream once you consume tainted food or beverages like bottledwater.

Microplastics and gut health

According to the researchers fromtheMedical University of Vienna(MedUni Vienna) in Austria who conducted the study, you ingest microplastics when you eat certain kinds of foods and beverages.

Study findings also showed that it’s not just humans who unknowingly have microplastics in their bodies: Even aquatic animals are exposed to microplastics, which then enters your body when you consume fish and other kinds of seafood.

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Covid-19: Phase 1 of the “Permanent Crisis”

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Mike Whitney | The Unz Review

The Mad Truther

Let’s assume that the events of the last five months are neither random nor unexpected. Let’s say they’re part of an ingenious plan to transform American democracy into a lockdown police state controlled by criminal elites and their puppet governors. And let’s say the media’s role is to fan the flames of mass hysteria by sensationalizing every gory detail, every ominous prediction and every slightest uptick in the death toll in order to exert greater control over the population. And let’s say the media used their power to craft a message of terror they’d repeat over and over again until finally, there was just one frightening storyline ringing-out from every soapbox and bullhorn, one group of governors from the same political party implementing the same destructive policies, and one small group of infectious disease experts –all incestuously related– issuing edicts…

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The Tests: Covid-19 and the Benign Common Cold Coronavirus. Can They be Distinguished?

Global Research, July 15, 2020

Introductory Note by Dr. Gary Kohls

It has long been known that benign coronavirus species are capable of causing 15 – 30 % of common colds (usual symptoms: runny nose, cough, sore throat).

This reality was recently mentioned by a renowned virologist from Germany, in an interview where he also admitted that laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 is next to impossible given the high incidence of both false-positive “COVID-19” PCR swab tests and false positive “COVID-19”  serum antibody tests.

Apparently, neither test seems to be able to distinguish between the benign coronaviruses that can cause common colds and the more serious coronavirus that actually causes COVID-19!

Dr Fauci’s ignorance of (or his ”conflict of interest-generated” failure to reveal) that fact justified his oft-repeated assertions in his endless media rounds and White House press conferences prior to…

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