Joe Biden is Disqualified

American Revolt

Joe Biden came out of hiding for the first time in months to do a press conference and the questions and answers were prepared in advance. The corporate media made a point not to give it much attention and for good reason. If you watch you’ll notice Biden has teleprompters and written notes that he directly reads from. The entire Q&A was so scripted, so staged, that even the order of the reporters being called on was prepared ahead of time.

At the very end a reporter address Biden’s cognitive decline. And what did Joe do? He immediately glances at the teleprompter looking for a lifeline, then steps awkwardly back to the podium where his notes are. He panicked.

They didn’t try to hide how staged this press conference was and it’s obvious to anyone who watches that it was a practiced performance. This kind of bumbling ineptitude is…

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