The Democratic Party Deserves to Go Extinct for What it Has Done to the Bernie Sanders Movement.

Due Dissidence

by Anis Shivani

Forcing the March 17 primaries in Florida, Arizona and Illinois to go forward, despite reports of exceedingly low turnout throughout the day (which miraculously and quite expectedly turned into higher turnouts than 2016 in both Florida and Arizona by the time the final reporting came in), was the last straw. This farce occurred despite the Ohio governor postponing their primary on the same day. This slap in the face of voters was then compounded by the even worse parody of the April 7 Wisconsin primary being allowed to go ahead at the peak of the pandemic, with polling stations vastly reduced (from 180 to just 5 in Milwaukee alone) and absentee ballots often not received or recorded, while maintaining the pretense that somehow all of this constituted a legitimate election.

In the middle of the pandemic, with the entire nation considering a de facto lockdown and…

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Government agencies coordinate to raid clinics and threaten doctors who help patients stay healthy during coronavirus pandemic


Thursday, July 09, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) A vast wealth of knowledge on the human immune system has been suppressed during the covid-19 pandemic, and the government is actively censoring doctors who help patients overcome covid-19.

When the federal coronavirus task force took the stage in March, the country was put into a state of perpetual, cascading emergencies. The public was left in the dark about what they could do to overcome infections. Instead of aid and guidance, the public was conditioned to feel helpless to a mysterious pathogen, as visions of overcrowded hospitals beckoned state-wide shutdowns across the country. At the behest of the CDC, most governors ordered everyone to stay home and fear human contact, as hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled to diagnostics, contact tracing, and vaccine companies.

But an infection does not have to lead to hospitalization or death…

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Psychodelics and Plant Medicine

The Most Revolutionary Act

Psyched Out: Documentary on Psychodelics and Plant Medicine

Directed by Giovani Bartolomeo (2018)

Film Review

The first video below is a documentary based mainly on the work of the late Terrence McKenna, a US ethnobotanist who was one of the first to investigate the healing effects of psychodelic plants. The film also features contemporary psychodelics advocates Dr Gabor Mate and British author and journalist Graham Hancock. The second video concerns a bank robber who was trained as an ayahuasca* shaman by a fellow prisoner.

Psyched Out begins by tracing the history of psychodelic use in healing and religious ceremonies. DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) was widely used by ancient Egyptians. McKenna believes Moses was under the influence of DMT when the burning bush spoke to him. He also suggests the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden was actually the amanita mushroom. He also also sees a…

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