400 medical & public health professionals oppose FCC plans: FCC urged to update RF radiation guidelines to protect Americans from harm

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Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 3:51 PM

400 medical & public health professionals oppose FCC plans: FCC urged to update RF radiation guidelines to protect Americans from harm

Press Release, Americans for Responsible Technology, June 18, 2020

Media Contact: Doug Wood (516) 423-6021

(New York) More than four hundred medical and public health professionals have signed a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging the agency to update its human exposure guidelines for radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation before approving additional wireless technologies. The letter, filed yesterday in a regulatory procedure, highlights the FCC’s failure to consider the established and newly emerging science on RF radiation and its adverse impacts on human health, particularly for vulnerable populations including children and pregnant women.

“Americans are entitled to know the full extent of any potential health risks associated with exposure to RF microwave radiation, particularly at this time when wireless companies…

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Tiny Home Rebel: One Man’s Battle With the City of Los Angeles

The Most Revolutionary Act

Tiny Home Rebel: One Man’s Battle with the City of Los Angeles

SBS (2019)

Film Review

This Australian documentary is about Elvis Sommers’ battle with the city of Los Angeles to build free tiny houses on wheels for the city’s homeless.

Sommers, who volunteers his time, has a crowdfunding site to pay for the materials he needs to build tiny houses. In fact, he has a whole lot full of tiny houses the city forced his homeless clients to remove from Skid Row sidewalks and other homeless encampments. Fortunately he is also quite ingenious in finding public land in low traffic industrial areas, where city authorities are unlikely to notice his homeless friends in their tiny homes. Filmmakers follow him as he moves a pregnant homeless woman (who has just had her tarp and all her belongings confiscated by the city) into her new tiny house.

The Los Angeles city…

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Energy’s Future Increasingly Renewable…Even in Texas..

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Houston Chronicle is a good keyhole to peer into the heart of America’s energy industry.

Houston Chronicle:

BIG SPRING, Texas — Driving through the Permian Basin while on vacation, I couldn’t help but notice an industrial landscape that presages the future of the oil and gas industry.

New drilling rigs were far and few between, while most of the pumpjacks were idle, their horsehead noses no longer dipping down to pull crude from the ground. Towering above them, stretching into the distance, wind turbines spun by the hundreds, generating electricity for Texas’ big cities.

Then I stopped in Lamesa, where Southern Power maintains 410,000 photovoltaic cells generating enough power for 26,000 homes. That’s when it struck me, Texas’s premier oilfield may have a lot of oil, but it has limitless wind and sunlight. Where would you place your bet?

Young people see the writing on the wall, choosing to turn…

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