The Most Revolutionary Act

By Sean Meleady
The Norwich Radical

In Norwich, as in many other parts of the country, mutual aid groups set up in local communities through Facebook and Whatsapp have been helping people through the Covid-19 crisis in Norwich. These groups have been particularly important for the elderly, vulnerable, single parents and those asked to shield themselves by staying at home.

They have been invaluable for those unable to go to the shops, as other members of the group have volunteered to do their shopping for them. In some cases other members of the community in mutual aid groups have helped providing facemasks and children’s clothes, while small businesses and charities have offered home delivery services of food and other essentials.

George Thornton, a member of the Norwich Covid-19 Mutual Aid group, has been repairing dusty computers in order to donate them to people in the NR2 area of the…

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United States: Record 47.2% of Working-Age Without Jobs

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Shannon Jones
1 July 2020

According to newly released Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures, 47.2 percent of working-age Americans were without work in May, the highest level recorded since the end of World War II.

The numbers are based on the BLS employment-population ratio, which states the proportion of the total labor force who are actually working. It is a more accurate measure of joblessness than the monthly unemployment report, which counts only those actively seeking work.

At the end of May the employment-population ratio stood at 52.8 percent; it stood at 61.2 percent at the start of the year. The employment-population ratio reached a postwar high of nearly 65 percent in 2000.

Citing Torsten Slok, the chief economist at Deutsche Bank, CNBC said it would take the creation of an additional 30 million jobs to bring the employment-population ratio back to January levels.

The report comes ahead…

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