New Rand Corp Study: US Empire is Falling But Will Not Fall Quietly

The Most Revolutionary Act

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NOTE: The Rand Corporation conducted an extensive and broad study on the US’ future use of military force. This study is important for the peace movement for several reasons:

  1. They show public opinion has an impact on what the military is able to do by “producing political gridlock” on “resourcing the defense budget [and] responding to international crises”. They anticipate this opposition to military spending and war may increase.
  2. They indicate that the US’ ability to manufacture weapons is declining because both production capacity and access to necessary resources are lower. At the same time, China and Russia’s military power is increasing.
  3. They write that the size of the US military is smaller than it was during the Cold War.
  4. They admit that sanctions are not effective because countries have found ways to work around them.
  5. They are very concerned about what they call ‘lawfare’ – countries using…

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