All 5 Iranian Tankers Deliver Their Cargo To Venezuela, Despite State Dept. Claims

The Most Revolutionary Act

There Are No Sunglasses

American mainstream media misinforms American people about State Dept. disrupting Iranian oil shipments to Venezuela.  (SEE: US disrupts Iranian fuel deliveries to Venezuela, official says )

[All 5 Iranian Tankers Deliver their cargo to Venezuela. One Iranian Tanker In Venezuelan Waters, While 4 More Watch From African Coast]

Iranian tanker Faxon is being escorted by Venezuelan Navy ships© Photo : Armada Bolivariana/twitter

Last Iranian Tanker With Gasoline Docks in Venezuela Despite US Opposition

by Tim Korso

Earlier, two American media outlets reported that several tankers carrying Iranian fuel to Venezuela were forced to turn around as Washington placed pressure on the ships’ owners.

The last Iranian tanker carrying fuel and components for its production has docked at a Venezuelan port after entering the country’s waters on 31 May. The vessel called Clavel arrived just three days after the previous tanker, Faxon, brought its much-needed cargo to the Latin American state.

Three other tankers, Fortune…

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