Pastors who refuse to collect tithe/offering should be investigated – Bishop Isong

National Publicity Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Bishop Emma Isong, reacting to people maligning the church on collection of tithe and offering said, “People who are saying that churches are not helping people are the same people shouting that churches should not collect tithe and offering at this time, which money are they going to use now? How will they get funds to sponsor humanitarian services? “They should not pay tithe or offering to churches, so which magical money will the church be using now? “It is right for churches to create applications for tithe and offering during Covid-19, do people not pay transport fare? People who buy food stuff in the market, is it free? So which service, spiritual or professional, that should be free during Covid-19?

“To give offering and tithe is part of your responsibility as a Christian. “Churches are run with money like other organizations, money is a liquid substance that runs organizations, the church is not exempted. “Even Ogboni, Freemason, Pyrates, KKK, market women association still collect dues from members; even witches and wizards are still contributing blood at this time. “Anyone with a different view should challenge me. I do not know about any organization that will function without its members contributing money.

“There is no taboo in churches collecting tithe and offering. Any pastor not collecting tithe and offering should be investigated, he may be getting money from an enemy nation or terrorist organization to carry out a nefarious activity. “We encourage our members to pay tithe and offering to our account at GTB, and we are able to use this money to carry our humanitarian services. “We have gone online to broadcast our services and God has made us to reach even more souls across the globe”.

Commenting on the allegation that people were disappointed that pastors could not heal Covid-19 victims, the PFN leader fired back: “You cannot heal people in a vacuum, you do not heal people in the entire atmosphere; you heal those who come to you, so is there any Covid-19 patient, who has gone to a true man of God and has not received healing? “You cannot sit down and want me to heal all the COVID-19 patients in the world. I am not a magician, you must desire healing first. “The two that I healed called me on phone and I prayed for them and healed them in the name of Jesus Christ. ‘So anyone saying this is just blackmailing men of God and it is cheap blackmail. The last patients you heard about in Akwa Ibom, I was the one that prayed for them and they got healed. “Churches are on lock-down and people say we should not meet, so how do we heal the Covid-19 patients? “Is it not a contradiction? Churches have been on lock-down, so how will they heal Covid-19, it is an error”.

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